Favorite Christmas tunes at Ashland High School

Photo taken from  https://www.google.com

Photo taken from https://www.google.com

Hannah B., Staff Reporter

Every year the genre of Christmas music that people think is the best is one of the biggest debates of the season. There are many different types of Christmas music, and everyone has their favorite. Even students at Ashland high school have a wide variety of favorite Christmas music categories.

Some people prefer older classic Christmas music. Rachel B.(12)coincided by saying“ I like old, jazzier Christmas music. It helps me get into the Christmas spirit.” The more classic Christmas music helps her feel the joy of Christmas. Another student, Matthew B. (12) agreed as well “ I really like the old Christmas music. The older music is so much more nostalgic.” He loves the older music because he has been listening to it since his childhood. It brings back the memories and feelings of Christmas when he was little, he also said. 

There is also the newer, pop Christmas music that people seem to absolutely adore. Skye B.(12) falls into this category “I love pop Christmas music, it is all I ever listen to. I feel like it is more catchy, and fun compared to the old stuff.” The newer music does have a more modern take on the music, which is maybe why some prefer it. Some of the music is just old songs done in a new way, and some are just completely new pieces. 

Over the years there have been many different takes on Christmas music. Even students here at Ashland high school differ in their favorite type. No matter what these few students’ favorite genre is, they have found their own favorite way to get into the Christmas spirit.