At-Issue: Funny gifts are better

Sophia W., Editor-in-chief

Christmas comes around every year, and every year I and most other people get nervous at the thought of buying someone a gift. Especially when you are entered into a Secret Santa event with a group of people that you barely know. One of the biggest struggles I deal with is should I buy a meaningful gift, or do I go the funny route and get a gift that is guaranteed to make someone laugh? I personally love to give people funny gifts, because at least they will slightly enjoy it by getting a laugh out of it. 

I have learned that most people are not emotional or serious. Christmas can be a stressful time for so many, and there is an added stress of trying to find the perfect gift. Instead of buying them a pair of boring socks (that they may need), why not get them a pair of socks that has their face all over them all over them. Or better yet, a pair of socks with your face all over them. 

With that said, I do agree that there is a time, place and right person to give a funny gift to. I would not advise giving your significant other a silly present instead of those shoes they showed you that they really like. A funny gift is also something that might brighten someone’s day. Everytime they look at the gift you gave them they will think of you, and they will also remember you as a humorous person as well. 

Funny gifts can  be enjoyed by everyone. The person giving had fun looking for it, the person receiving had fun obtaining it and better yet, the people watching at Christmas will all laugh too. In the end, you will seem like the person that is cool, fun to be around and has a good sense of humor all because you didn’t get all emotional in gift giving.