Ski and board club opens for season

Kyle R., Staff Reporter

It is that time of the year once again. The snow is falling, which means it’s time to hit the slopes. The AHS Ski and Board Club is officially open for the season, bringing the students who love to ski and snowboard together.

For the students that already go to Snow Trails often, this club is great. Upon joining the club, members receive a discount to Ashland’s local ski slopes, Snow Trails, and this is no small discount. Students in the Club get a 50 percent discount to go hit the slopes.

Depending on what pass is purchased “…it is $200 dollars less than whatever is on Snow Trails website,” explained math teacher Kristen Duncan.

Not only does the Ski and Board Club get members a discount, but it will help them find some friends that share the same desire to ski or snowboard. Member of the club Ethan P.(11) said, “Me and some of my closest friends are in the club… I mean I already knew that I liked to snowboard, but doing it with friends is even better.” 

To purchase a pass for Ski and Board Club, go to room 204 and talk to Duncan. Passes can be used either once a week or any day of the week, depending on the pass purchased.