Going into school is worth the risk


Photo from TheStar.com

Students wearing face masks are seen in their classroom.

Gavin M., Staff Reporter

Students at Ashland High School have the choice to go into school or learn remotely, and both options hold pros and cons, but one is better. I believe that students should go to school in person for many reasons. The rewards of going into school heavily outweigh the risks.

The main reason we go to school is to learn and retain information, and you simply can’t do this the same remotely. When students go to school online it’s not about learning information, it’s about finding the path of least resistance to get an assignment done.

This will often lead to cheating and not completing work as it should be done. An anonymous source that does remote schooling said, “Well with it being so easy to just look up answers why wouldn’t you cheat.” This is a sentiment held by many online students. Cheating is not only a breach in academic integrity, perhaps the most damaging aspect of cheating is not actually learning anything.

Students who don’t do their own work have no trouble until there is some sort of standardized test or assessment. Of course the other side of the argument is that it is not worth the risk of catching coronavirus in school. There is of course some risk, but it is actually quite low. The school has implemented a mask mandate and socially distances students whenever possible.

Adam Schulte, a science teacher and former scientist was willing to speak about the risk of students in school. He said “In September my answer would have been different, but now with all the data we have I think that it’s reasonably safe for students to come into school”.

With the minimized risk and better chance to retain information, there is a great benefit to coming into school and it far outweighs the small risk.