My senior year during Covid-19

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Hannah B., Staff Reporter

Looking on the bright side of troubling times is always difficult to do, but lately it has been harder than usual . For everyone this school year has been less than ideal, but for me as a senior it is challenging to stay positive about the rest of my time in high school. 


For almost a year I have been eagerly waiting for the day Coronavirus restrictions will go away. That will most likely not happen before the end of my senior year. It has been very difficult coming to terms with the fact that my last year of high school is way different than I imagined it would be. There is no homecoming, student sections, or pep rallies, and there is really nothing we can do about it. 


Another side of living through Coronavirus has left me feeling a bit powerless. Senior year is supposed to be the beginning of my grown up life, yet it feels like quite the opposite right now. People start expecting you to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, and be able to start taking care of yourself. Making these types of decisions feels odd when everyday we are being told what we can, and can not do even if we don’t agree with said restrictions. I do want to keep everyone safe, but the negative mental side effects of the restrictions are also very real. 


Staying motivated to do school work has been one of the hardest parts of this year. Sometimes just thinking about school is exhausting, and it gets difficult to get up and do the work. Not only is the work part of school a little more tough, the social aspect is not the same. I miss being able to work  in groups, and getting to know my classmates. With the restrictions put in place, being social has been very difficult. Wearing masks and social distancing has made it very hard to connect with new classmates and teachers. 


Even through all these challenges, I am very thankful for most of my teachers being understanding during this unprecedented year. Though it is very difficult to stay hopeful, I wish with time it will get easier for us all. This stage of my life may not end the way I wanted or expected, but I have learned a lot about not taking things for granted, and working hard even when I did not have the energy to do so  . My hope for myself and everyone else will be that we can get through this time learning how to truly appreciate the good around us. Even if at moments the good is harder to find.