South Street Grille is the newest addition to local business

Photo taken from South Street Grille facebook page

Photo taken from South Street Grille facebook page

Noah D., Staff Reporter

Ashland has been developing more and more over the past few years. With local business thriving, downtown has been getting more attention, A lot of the businesses that have been opening are restaurants, which provide Ashland with exciting new flavors.

One of the newest places to eat is The South Street Grille. It opened in late 2020 and has had lots of attention for being Which is fitting seeing as it is located in the heart of downtown at 121 South Street and is easy to support other local businesses in the area.

When you go to eat you have a wide variety of options. There are appetizers, burgers, entrees and even a kids menu. When I went I got the 12 oz rib-eye steak with a side of french fries. It was delicious, cooked just how I like it, medium rare, and the french fries were the best I’ve ever had. they weren’t too soft or too hard and had the perfect amount of salt.

The inside of it made me feel like I was transported to New York City with the industrial aesthetic it has with a metal spiral staircase that takes you from the multiple floor where you can eat and brick walls that just make you feel like you are in the Big Apple.

I was glad to have eaten at South Street Grille, it was truly a great experience with very nice staff and great food. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try a new place to eat. It transformed the classic idea of “night on the town”  into a great night on the town.