“An evening under the stars”- COVID-19 edition

An evening under the stars- COVID-19 edition

Sophia W., Editor-in-chief

  As we are all aware, COVID-19 has taken a toll on these past two school years. As a senior, I feel as though it has affected my class the most. It is especially pressing that this will not only be my first prom, but last. But just like this entire year, we must find the positive.

  Although prom this year will look different from years past, I think this is a unique opportunity for change. Dancing in the gym, socially distanced will be a weird experience (especially because I was prepared to dance with everyone). I guess I will just have to dance and socialize with my dates.

  For years I have heard about how delectable the food at prom is (provided by Ashland University). And have heard rumors about the fun, supervised, “Post Prom” is (also at Ashland University).I love our cafeteria food as much as the next student, but to eat it for prom? I hope they will at least be serving bosco sticks or chicken bowls, because that seems to be a crowd favorite. Maybe the new field house will be just as fun as the place that had a rock climbing wall and a pool, you never know!

  At the end of the day though, the junior and senior class should be grateful that our school is providing an actual prom. I know this year and last year have not been the best when trying to do normal high school experiences, but at least we are at the point in this craziness where there is some light. 

  I am hopeful that prom will be uplifting to myself and fellow peers. It is an exciting thought that I will be able to see my friends dressed up and having fun. I cannot wait to see how people will be styling their masks to their outfits!