Prom 2021- How Prom will look this year

Prom 2021- How Prom will look this year

Gavin M., Staff Reporter

               The Ashland high school prom will be held on Saturday, May 1st this year in the high school and post prom will be in the field house.  Prom will start at 6 p.m. and will use a two group system to keep the risk of COVID-19 to a minimum. 

               The two groups, A and B, will be on opposite schedules for the Grand March and dinner. “Group A” will see the Grand March first and “group B” will eat dinner first, which will be held in the cafeteria.

              The Grand March will be held in Archer Auditorium and will be live-streamed to people at home and guests eating dinner. Due to the pandemic there will be certain restrictions that are necessary in order to have a prom.

              Some of these are wearing masks while moving around and while dancing. The second major restriction is that seniors are the only students allowed to bring a date from outside AHS. 

            This decision made some juniors unhappy, such as Kobee V. (11) who has a girlfriend that goes to another school. He said, “Although I see what they’re trying to do, I don’t think this really does anything for the safety of students and it’s just not fair”.

               This thought is echoed by many of the juniors with dates that do not go to the high school. Josh Packard, the principal, said to this “We didn’t have a prom last year and we had to limit the capacity if we wanted our seniors to have the experience they missed out on”.

            He continued,”We are one of the only schools to actually have a dance, most are only having a Grand March and dinner, so we think the  decision makes sense”.  

             Most students though, are just happy to be able to have a prom. Griffin A.(11) a student council member who helped organize the prom and came up with the theme ‘An Evening Under the Stars’, he says “I feel very grateful to have any sort of prom this year, I didn’t really think it was gonna happen but it is and I’m looking forward to it”.