Caitlin B.
With three years of experience in journalism, Caitlin B. (12) is editor-in-chief for the Panorama. Her interest in journalism began when she was a freshman, and grew when she began taking Digital Media as a sophomore.

Caitlin is also involved in sports such as Cross Country and Track & Field. She began her athletic career during her sophomore year as a distance runner for Track & Field and then decided to participate in Cross Country at the beginning of her junior year.

Mock Trial is another extracurricular activity that Caitlin is involved in. She began her involvement in Mock Trial as a defense attorney for Ashland High School's Blue Team when she was a sophomore. The Blue Team made it to the 2018 District Mock Trial competition, in which Caitlin and her co-counsel were able to win their trial.

In her future, Caitlin hopes to attend Bluffton University to major in Education.

Caitlin B., Editor-in-Chief

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Caitlin B.